Kate & Sean | Vaughan’s Pub | The Vows

February 17th. 2015

Jeepers, where to start on this blog post? I guess the most frequently asked questioned was ” Why renew your vows? Was once not enough?” I used to laugh this off and reply “Shure, there are no rules when it comes to love!” Inside however, the answer begged to yelled out, quite frankly no, once was not enough, nor was it all it was cracked up to be!  Now is the time for the honesty. I always knew we would get married. When I imagined it, I imagined that it would be beside the sea. That a knot would be tied, our parents and our dearest friends would witness this old celtic traditional, the bonding of hearts. I knew that we would walk into our wedding ceremony together, hand in…View Full Post.

Marie & Colm | Ballintaggart House | Dingle | Wedding

February 09th. 2015

We did try one day, to sit down and talk through the wedding like a couple and their wedding photographers normally would do, all I can say is thank goodness Colm and Sean were there or it would have gone on for hours, there was more chin wagging going on than wedding chat. As always these two were totally relaxed, they knew we adored Dingle and had shot a wedding or two in the fabulous Ballintaggart House before. So we just had one mission: Have fun!

Eimear & Jeff | Annacarriga | Killaloe | Wedding

February 04th. 2015

Annacarriga Wedding

It was a pleasure to shoot Eimear and Jeffs wedding, which was in our own splendid city of Limerick. I can safely say, it was the first time we have ever walked to work. It was a total novelty.  Turns out we are indeed neighbours!  We were over the moon when they suggested we use our neck of the woods for the photoshoot. We are very lucky to live in the oldest and most historic part of Limerick City. Known to some as the Medieval Quarter!  How wonderful to finally get a gorgeous couple who wanted to use it the backdrop to their wedding.  We had shot Daves wedding (Jeffs brother) a few years previous. I knew we were in for some serious fun and giggles, the boys are nothing short…View Full Post.