Awh Emma and Stephen!!! This couple are the definition of adorable. Stephen is a gentleman but a total messer, Emma is a lady through and through and has her mischievous side too! We met this couple when shooting Rachael and Anthonys wedding a few years back in France. We were delighted when they asked us to capture their day. Stephen arrived one day for tea and what we thought was an informal chit chat to see if they wanted us as their photographers. Turns out minds had been made up before he walked through the door. I don’t think we had a choice in the matter. Emma had said that she would be staying in a B&B the night before, explaining that its not everyday you get married or have your photos taken and quite rightly she wanted a nice backdrop. We were mind blown when we arrived at the B&B which turned out to be country house! Weddings are such a happy time, sadly though not all our loved ones can be present. A blue shirt hung in the room on the morning, it belonged to Emmas dad, it was his favourite. We were made sure to include in in our images as much as possible. What happened during the morning prep is something that neither of us will ever forget. A simple painting on the wall caught Marks eye and he said a simple sentence (which i will isn’t for blog land, sorry!) which caused everyone to stop and look, it was followed by lots of tears and once Marian welled up there wasn’t a hope for anyone else. Emma’s mum is one of those special humans who radiates love and happiness, you can feel it just standing beside her. So once she started, that was it, everyone in the room welled up. It became very clear that Dad was not missing his little girls day and he continued to appear throughout the day in little signs and finally in a massive rainbow over the venue. Never in all our years have we ever witnessed something so incredible. True love transcends time and space isn’t that what they say. The song somewhere over the rainbow will forever remind me of Emma and Stephens day. Which wasn’t all tears by the way. Stephen and Emma sure know how to throw a party, we both left with pains in our faces from laughing. Frankly that hasn’t stopped every time we meet up with these two there are serious giggles and mischief had. A bonus of wedding photography is you get to meet beautiful people who sometimes become friends!