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Anne-Marie and Niall weren’t exactly  strangers when they called around to our place for tea.  Anne-Marie is a friends with my cousin Aine and Sean knew Niall through a mutual friend, Barry. Its more like two degrees of separation when it comes to knowing someone in Limerick. All the the same I had the same nervous anticipation that I always have when people meet us about their wedding photography.  Much tea was had, and we chatted back and forth over details. There was some thing said at the first meeting that has always stuck with me and is echoed by so many couples, this was the first time I think that I had actually heard the words. It may have come up when I was blathering on about details. Anne-Marie and Niall said that there would nothing different or unique about their wedding. I remember thinking, the very fact that you have found each other on a planet of seven billion people and want to spend forever together is pretty special! Fast forward a few weeks and we receive the couples getting to know you forms. The questions is asked again, only this time its answered ” Our family and friends will make it a unique day to us, and that’s all that matters.” Well that just about melted my heart. That’s what a wedding day is all about after all. A celebration of a couples love with the people they love most.

Niall was a cool as a breeze when we got to the church. No nerves or changing funny colors for this lad, Oh no!  He was just counting down the minutes until he saw his best friend and soon to be wife..  Anne-Maire was the same at home telling everyone to hurry up.  In fact, I think if this couple had been apart for a second longer the universe would have been some how knocked off kilter. If they weren’t whispering, or giggling through the mass they were gazing at each other. It was wonderful.  It was like they were the only people there.  When editing this wedding I often commented to Sean “They are doing it again, Look at the way they are looking at each other, Oh my god they are killing me with all the love!” To which Sean responded ” Doing what? I look at you like that! Your killing me!”

As with most couples, Anne-Marie and Niall were a little anxious about the photo shoot part of the day.  Lets face it, the majority of us do not model professionally so the thoughts of having a camera pointed on you for an hour is enough to make most of us brake out in a cold sweat. We get that, still it doesn’t make it any easier for the couple when you tell then “Sure you will be grand.” So we get to the beach all ready to go, I’m trying to remind myself not to over do it on the stupid jokes but get distracted by the fact that its sunny and this is an opportunity to work on my freckles, Sean is just thrilled its sunny and as for Anne-Marie and Niall… they are like “Come on already….. BEACH”.

It was the fastest photo-shoot ever. I think we went over the hour, but we had such a laugh. Anne-Marie and Niall were amazing. I think for the most part they forgot that we were there, probably mostly apparent in the images where Anne-Marie attacks Niall with her bouquet, all in jest…. we hope! The bridal party had stopped off for something to eat on the drive to the beach { still traumatised they didn’t bring us back anything  and that they clever enough to think of it!}  when they got there though, the girls we all chatting away about the amazing fashion amongst the guest and lads being lads got the hurlys out. It was like a regular bunch of friends hanging out of a Friday afternoon at the beach. Except majorly over dressed. It was super relaxed, even Anne-Maries dad and nephew came down to join in on the antics. All to soon it was over and we had to return to the Armada Hotel.

Anne-Marie and Niall said of the photo-shoot that although the were a little nervous about it, it will stay with them as one of the highlights of their day. As it gave them the chance to take time out together, just the two of them, to relax and just be themselves. They said they had such fun and couldn’t believe how quickly the time went. To hear this back was incredible for us. It is marked as a job well done in our books. Plus as you will see from the images, they all deserve gold stars for being such excellent models.

Anne-Marie and Niall. You are a shining example of of what love is. I hope forever more you continue on being the beautiful people you are, that you are always madly deeply in love and always look at each other like there is no one else in the world you would rather be with.

Love Always,

Kt xxxx

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