Jennifer and Derek | Doonbeg | Ireland

February 16th. 2017 | Leave a comment

Not so long ago we shared Jen and Dereks couple session on the Cliffs of Moher, this evening we are delighted to share  their wedding which took place in Doonbeg Co Clare.  The couple had a September wedding which was filled with a thousand blessings of love and so many kisses as all September weddings are. It being Ireland I think our couple experienced every type of weather situation bar snow! Determined to tie the knot out side, they provided blankets and pashmina for their guests who cozied up against the sea breeze as the couple said their vows. Friends and family sang along together and nodded along with the beautiful readings. Even a few guests of the Lodge joined the ceremony and commented on the love that was radiating from our couple. Between showers, games were played on the lawn and the party atmosphere continued thanks to the funky sounds of Viva Manila…….. We were graced with a cracker of a sunset just as the couple were about to head for dinner…. It was on of those situations where the four of us looked at each other… then at the marque where guests were getting ready to cheer the arrival of Mr & Mrs Joyce…..and we all ran to the dunes in front of us for some sweet sunset kisses. We wished that we could have stayed and partied, the band, Firestar were beyond incredible!!! You know that we love our music and Firestar is our fav wedding band of the moment! The vibe was electric as we said our farewells. We hope to see Jen and Derek when we head states side this summer and I am sure we can make up for missing some serious moves on the dance floor!Wedding Doonbeg Ireland Wedding Trump International Doonbeg

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