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August 25th. 2014 | 1 Comment

Hello Poppies!

I can not believe that the year has sped by and this blog has been a barren lonely desert with not so much as a twig of tumble weed blowing across it! Well that is all about to change! I have been busy working away on a few posts to keep us all busy of a Monday and Thursday. Mondays will start the week with some wedding or lovebird shoot loveliness while Thursday will keep you entertained with the comings and goings of adventures we have had over the past year!

Up first we have the lovebird shoot of the very VERY lovely Jennifer and Patrick. Jennifer is the type of person that will brighten anyones day, its no wonder Patrick fell hopelessly head over heel. I loved our emails back and forth every couple of weeks with a phone call thrown in for good measure. I think it started off being about work, but mostly our conversations turned to girls chats and giving each other life advice and tippets! Its something that will continue I am sure. A beautiful and strong lady Jennifer will be no doubt mortified by this post and the wedding post (coming soon to a blog near you!) but as I keep telling her, there is no need to be. Such a beautiful smile did you ever see?? We started this lovebird shoot packing a picnic of all our, I mean , their fav foods and took a wee trip on a train to the coast to the wonderfully sunny Kilkee. Where we sat for a while and watched the world go by. It really was just one of those relaxed afternoons where we chatted and took some pictures and chatted some more. One of those days where you never wanted it to end. xxxx
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  1. Tom Keogh

    Lovely pictures !

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