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September 10th. 2014 | Leave a comment

Its not every day you get a lovely email from another photographer saying how much they like your work. So when on a dull evening such an email arrived all the way from Canada from the very talented Justina, I was blown away.

Justina and Eric had married previously and were on a wee honeymoon, with a difference… they brought the wedding dress and Erics suit. Shure why not? There is no where more lovely than our own emerald isle. Eric and Justina put us all to shame while they were here, in just a week they saw more of Ireland that either myself and Sean or I would put money on it they have seen more than any of you reading this! ¬†We met the pair in Hotel Doolin and just kinda went for a spin up the hills of the Burren/Doolin area. We chatted about the wedding and where they would like to go for the epic “trash the dress” shots. Which fell on deaf ears as Justina and Eric who were beyond fascinated by the countryside around them. Think children, faces squidged up against the cold car window ” CAN WE GET OUUUT PEAAAS!!!” Which for the hundredth time this year remind me not to take our own landscape for granted ever again! The car slowed to stop in the middle of a bog road as the four of sat in pleasant disbelief as Mammy duck and her fluffy baby duckies just wandered across the road. None of us managed to get a camera out quick enough to get the evil look mammy duck threw at us for being on her turf as she waddled off into the hedges! Where else would you get the likes of it?

Enough of my waffling this is part one of two. Check back in next week to see Justinas wedding guna light up the Cliffs of Moher
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