Kaleen & Mikes Destination Wedding | Ballintaggart House | Dingle | Ireland

December 01st. 2014 | 1 Comment

With family and friends in tow Kaleen and Mike travelled from America all the way to the tiny picture postcard Kerry town of Dingle to wed in Ballintaggart House. We had a seriously blissful summer, yet Mother Nature decided to throw an almighty show of howling winds, driving rain and the odd blast of sunshine and fluffy clouds. One of Mikes friends asked me was this the normal weather for Ireland? I laughed it off saying “Shure tis grand, nothing to be worried about!” In all our years of shooting weddings we have only ever had one wedding where we couldn’t get outside for the photoshoot, as Mikes friend walked away, both myself and Sean worried that this would be number two. Having travelled from the other side of the world, we were gutted that we may not be able to get and capture this beautiful couple in the the Kerry landscapes that they craved. We forgot our woes as we listened to their very moving ceremony. Happy sniffles were the soundtrack to the “I do’s,” there wasn’t a dry eye left in the house after readings from friends and family. The hand fasting ceremony couldn’t have been more perfect and as the newly weds walked outside they were greeted by hot coffee and a patchwork blue and white sky! Taking this as our cue to leave, we all dashed to our cars and headed off to capture these two in the town that they had fallen in love with. We started in the famous Dick Macs, none of us were expecting what happened next. One of the locals pulled out his guitar and sang Kaleen and Mike a special song for their big day. It was an unreal moment. Now not really wanting to leave we made our way up a very wet and windy Conors pass. Not even batting an eyelid at the rain the pair got out and we strolled around the mountainside. What a treat! Arriving back to the house everyone was in the party mood thanks to the sounds from The Blow-ins, everyone danced inside and even we had to put the cameras down and have a boogie as they blasted out some of Mikes favourite Beatles classics!  It was one of those utterly perfect days where the sun didn’t always shine, yet was busting with love and colour. Ballintaggart House Wedding 001 Ballintaggart House Wedding 002 Ballintaggart House Wedding 003 Ballintaggart House Wedding 004 Ballintaggart House Wedding 005Ballintaggart House Wedding 008 Ballintaggart House Wedding 006 Ballintaggart House Wedding 007Ballintaggart House Wedding 009 Ballintaggart House Wedding 010 Ballintaggart House Wedding 011 Ballintaggart House Wedding 012 Ballintaggart House Wedding 013 Ballintaggart House Wedding 014 Ballintaggart House Wedding 015 Ballintaggart House Wedding 017 Ballintaggart House Wedding 018Ballintaggart House Wedding 020 Ballintaggart House Wedding 021 Ballintaggart House Wedding 022 Ballintaggart House Wedding 023 Ballintaggart House Wedding 024 Ballintaggart House Wedding 025 Ballintaggart House Wedding 026 Ballintaggart House Wedding 027 Ballintaggart House Wedding 028Ballintaggart House Bride 046 Ballintaggart House Wedding 029 Ballintaggart House Wedding 030 Ballintaggart House Bride 031 Ballintaggart House Bride 032 Ballintaggart House Bride 033 Ballintaggart House Bride 034 Ballintaggart House Bride 035 Ballintaggart House Bride 036 Ballintaggart House Bride 037 Ballintaggart House Bride 038 Ballintaggart House Bride 039 Ballintaggart House Bride 040 Ballintaggart House Bride 041 Ballintaggart House Bride 042 Ballintaggart House Bride 043 Ballintaggart House Bride 044 Ballintaggart House Bride 045Ballintaggart House Bride 047 Ballintaggart House Bride 048 Ballintaggart House Bride 049 Ballintaggart House Bride 050 Ballintaggart House Bride 051 Ballintaggart House Bride 052 Ballintaggart House Bride 053 Ballintaggart House Bride 054Poppiesandme 055 Poppiesandme 056 Poppiesandme 057 Poppiesandme 058 Poppiesandme 0592014-12-01_0001Poppiesandme 060 Poppiesandme 061 Poppiesandme 062Poppiesandme 066Poppiesandme 067 Poppiesandme 063 Poppiesandme 064 Poppiesandme 065Poppiesandme 068 Poppiesandme 069 Poppiesandme 070 Poppiesandme 071 Poppiesandme 072 Poppiesandme 073 Poppiesandme 074 Poppiesandme 075 Poppiesandme 076 Poppiesandme 077 Poppiesandme 078 Poppiesandme 079 Poppiesandme 080 Poppiesandme 081 Poppiesandme 082Ballintaggart House Wedding 019 Ballintaggart House Wedding 020 Ballintaggart House Wedding 021 Ballintaggart House Wedding 022 Poppiesandme 083 Poppiesandme 084Irish Wedding Photography 085 Irish Wedding Photography 086 Irish Wedding Photography 087 Irish Wedding Photography 088 Irish Wedding Photography 089 Irish Wedding Photography 090 Irish Wedding Photography 091Irish Wedding Photography 094Irish Wedding Photography 092 Irish Wedding Photography 093Irish Wedding Photography 095 Irish Wedding Photography 096 Irish Wedding Photography 097 Irish Wedding Photography 098 Irish Wedding Photography 099 Irish Wedding Photography 100 Irish Wedding Photography 101 Dingle wedding photography 103 Dingle wedding photography 1042014-12-01_0005 Dingle wedding photography 105 Dingle wedding photography 106 Dingle wedding photography 107Dingle wedding photography 109 Dingle wedding photography 110Dingle wedding photography 108 Dingle wedding photography 111 Dingle wedding photography 112 Dingle wedding photography 113Dingle wedding photography 115 Dingle wedding photography 116Dingle wedding photography 118 Dingle wedding photography 119 Dingle wedding photography 1202014-12-01_0003Alternative wedding Photography 122wedding Dingle Ireland2014-12-01_0007Alternative wedding Photography 124 Alternative wedding Photography 125 Alternative wedding Photography 126 Alternative wedding Photography 127 Alternative wedding Photography 128 Alternative wedding Photography 129 Alternative wedding Photography 131 Alternative wedding Photography 132 Alternative wedding Photography 133 Alternative wedding Photography 134 Alternative wedding Photography 135Alternative wedding Photography 137 Alternative wedding Photography 138 Alternative wedding Photography 139 Alternative wedding Photography 140 Alternative wedding Photography 141 Alternative wedding Photography 142 Alternative wedding Photography 143 Alternative wedding Photography 144 Irish wedding photographer 145 Irish wedding photographer 146Irish wedding photographer 147Irish wedding photographer 149Irish wedding photographer 151 Irish wedding photographer 152 Irish wedding photographer 153 Irish wedding photographer 154 Irish wedding photographer 155 Irish wedding photographer 156 Irish wedding photographer 157 Irish wedding photographer 158 Irish wedding photographer 159 Irish wedding photographer 160 Irish wedding photographer 161 Irish wedding photographer 162

Reception: Ballintaggart House, Wedding planner: Elegant Events, Dress: Justin Alexander; Shoes: Stella McCarthy, Groomsuit: Suit Supply & Burbery tie, Flowers: Best of Buds, Dessert table: Cocoamoiselle, Drinks & Snack: Vantastic Vintage, Stationary: Urbanic, Hair: Pat O’Neill, MakeUp: Georgina Mackessy, Band (ceremony and reception): The Blow-ins,


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