Beach Vows in Kerry

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”
― Bruce Lee


Life is full of remarkable surprises and opportunities. Sometimes, something so marvellous and magical happens you have wonder how it even happened at all.

Like all teams we have the famous “whatsapp group.” Its full of the usual banter and positive vibes, normally provided most early mornings by Johannes. We chatter back and forth about work and when the meet up is. A few months ago we decided that we would all meet up and do a couple session together. Share our years worth of photography skills with each other and see if we couldn’t come up with something new. A plan was made, the date set and a casting call put on our Facebook page. The response was immense.

There were emails that made us laugh out loud and some that made us do a double take, there was one though, that made us stop short and take notice. Please meet the incredible Elizabeth and David. Elizabeth blew us away with her story and as it happens had been a follower of Poppiesandme. The email expressed a love of landscapes and how we all capture the raw emotion of our couples with in them.  We wont go to much into their story but we all felt as team that a simple couple session for these two was not enough. We were going to gift them something special. At the very least some beautiful portraits of themselves to treasure.

Late night plans were hatched to get these two down to a beach in Kerry and instead of a couple session at sunset we decided, why not go all out and do a little vow renewal. Its sounds insane… but thats what happens when you bunch all of us together..

We divided out the plan. Kate on organising and set up, Johannes on Photography, Sean was going to be the celebrant and say some mystically profound words! It was the perfect.  The evening before the shoot, we all met up with Elizabeth and David in a tiny country pub filled with a thousand fairy lights for some…. er, light refreshments by the open fire. It’s always so so wonderful to meet with couples and hear their stories, indeed share stories and laugh with all the joy that new friendship brings. It happened that we were all getting along so well that time slipped by altogether to quickly. Elizabeth and David took their leave and we hugged like we had been friends forever.

The cottage was a flurry of action the next morning when Trisha arrived to do Elizabeths hair. Johannes was in the photography zone,  Kate was busy convincing her dear friend that she would make an amazing celebrant and Sean had taken on the role of runner, making sure that every one, mostly David his now buddy, had enough freshly brewed coffee and sweet treats all the while wishing he had called dibs on the photography, because to be fair, this was turning into one beautiful day.

Kate’s friend Annmarie, not only stood as celebrant but foraged the beach for intricate ferns and flowers and berries. Out of nowhere she created the most whimsical bouquet and boutonnière. She is pretty magical like that.

With hair and make up complete Elizabeth looked stunning, her dress striking pastel pink against Davids Navy blue suit.

Hand in hand with all the energy of young love they strolled from the cottage to the pebbles of the shore where the met Annemarie all ready and waiting to hear their vows.

Laughter and vows were exchanged. Ribbons were tied and a forever love was sealed.

Johannes wandered amongst the marram grass with our couple for some portraits, while Kate and Sean headed back to the cottage to get the tea on before we all had to say goodbye.

“We can never thank you enough or explain, what you all have done here today, how much it means to us” said David as he hugged us goodbye.

It was probably one of the most profound and powerful moments we had as a team, standing on country lane way watching our couple go.

We had set out to capture a couple session, share skills and have a good time. In the end we used our combined skills to create something far more important and memorable for our couple.

It was a stark reminder of how important the art of human connection is and the important part photography plays in it.



P.S Why not call Johannes for your beach Vows in Kerry!

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