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December 17th. 2012 | 8 Comments

Eeeknessssss! I can’t tell you how much I am in love with this wedding, this couple and the photographer who was already booked and sent them our way.

Our relationship with Louise and Kieran started back in May of this year, when they came looking for us to photograph their wedding at Kilshane House. I have to say I very much enjoyed the emails that went back and forth. Many the time they caused me to have a bit of a giggle. ┬áLouise and Kieran made cross country trips to meet us at home one evening. Kieran was working in Cork and Louise in Kilkenny. From the moment they arrived I knew we were going to be in for something great. A more laid back or relaxed couple have I ever met. I loved listening to all their stories and watching how they caught eye others eye. It was one of those meetings that I know I didn’t want to end. When they were leaving I remember winking at Sean and doing my happy dance. Sean was like “Amm they havent booked us yet!”

After watching the emails like a kettle taking forever to boil the email came through. “Its a go go” I squealed!

Off we headed on a horrid October morning of rain to Kilshane. I was fuming with Mr Universe ” Seriously not today, why didn’t you rain yesterday, please just rain yourself out by the afternoon OKAY!” were basically my thoughts on the drive. Sean was cool as a breeze, “Sure it will be fine.” And It was! When I headed up to the room I spotted Louises runners and we all had a joke about running away, turns out she had been for a run that morning. That is dedication! I forgot after a while what I was meant to be doing as myself and Louise chatted about renovations in our house, the honeymoon, how I thought she was plain crazy working almost up to the day of the wedding and those white gloves! I even picked up some awesome hair and make up tips from the fab duo that are Yvonne and Marie.

All to soon it was time to get married. Louise Michelle and Isobel were nothing short of amazing as they took made their way into the conservatory. Jane and myself gave a little nod and sigh when the doors were closed and the ceremony began. It was magical. It was all so elegant. Sean and myself talked about how regal Louise looked, sure Kieran you were werent so bad either. In fact, we also had the feeling we had met them some where before, { and obviously before you all start, I’m aware we had already met them in our house!} it bugged us all day until we went on the photoshoot, when the bridal party started mentioning two particularly famous names! Then it all made sense! I let you figure it out for yourself! Now if there was ever a fear I was becoming completely lost in this royal movie like dream, with its beautiful setting and heirloom furs that had been passed down through the generations, Seamus and Rory were the boys to bring me straight back to reality. Hilarious doesn’t even begin to cover it!

I always ALWAYS advise our couples to pick their bridal party with care. Louise and Kieran, we would just like to say your bridal party ROCKED!! No job was too small and they were seriously up for the craic. We had a pain in our sides from laughing at the lads, there are times where you try your best to be professional and keep a straight face. This was not one of those times! Michelle Isobel Seamus and Rory I hope those two gave you big fat gold stars after the wedding, as the people over at L’Orel say “because your worth it!”

Any way enough of me and my reminiscing, Louise and Kieran, you are both stunning wonderful souls.

Thank You for a wonderful day back in October. Thank you for being the wonderful souls you are. We wish you a life time of Love and Happiness… and lots more travels xxxx

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8 comments on Louise & Kieran | Kilshane House | Wedding

  1. Ciara

    Beeootiful! The sneak peek definitely lived up to the full thing, looks like the perfect autumnal wedding!

    • Sean

      Thanks Ciara, Such a lovely couple, we really felt privileged to be part of their day. Thrilled you liked it!

  2. Aly

    Absolutely beautiful post guys!Makes me really excited about finally getting my website aired in the new year!
    Great to meet you too

  3. Becky

    Amazing photos of an amazing wedding, the light is beautiful in the pictures.

  4. Lauren

    Oooh….gorgeous photos!

    • Kate

      Thanks Lauren, all excited for your wedding day!

  5. Marie Hickey

    Amazing photos guys, Louise was such a beautiful bride. Yvonne and I had a lovely morning with the girls and they all look fantastic. Hope to work with ye again, x

    • kate

      Thanks so much Marie. Louise certainly is stunning! we can’t wait to see yourself and Yvonne in Kilshane again!

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