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January 07th. 2013 | 4 Comments

Happy New Year Everyone, We hope that you are all well and rested after the festive fun! More importantly that you are looking forward to seeing more of your dreams come true in 2013.

As well as being our first post of 2013, Maria and Ian will tie the knot this weekend so we are thrilled that they are our first wedding of 2013. Its going to be hilarious! Seriously, we had our last meeting a few days ago and all we did was laugh. At one point I couldn’t breath. I joked that we were going to have to try and act serious and as adults on Saturday which saw a moment of silence and more chuckles! That pretty much has been the relationship since we met all those months ago on a “fresh day” in Kilkee.

You will know by now { well you should know} that our Lovebird Sessions are all different and no two ever the same. They are the story of our couple and their passions. When reading through Maria and Ians homework {yes i send homework, meanie I know!} my mind exploded with ideas, I had a Violinist and a Superhero couple who loved to travel and shared the same love as Sean {though he will never admit it} Les Miserables and going to the movies. Thankfully I have Sean to hold me back, some ideas can just be crazy altogether.

We set off for Kilkee, a well known spot to most Limerick people. Unfortunately we were rained off on the first day so we agreed that we would come back another day. I remember long summers spent in Kilkee and it was always raining and windy. So on our second day when we saw clouds we were a little glum. We really wanted to have blue skies and fun for this lovely couple. Our wish was granted, it was also super windy! All those clouds were blown out of the way and made for some dramatic viewing. It was the first time in a long time I saw the beauty of this town. For all of you that would know this town and spend some time there as do our couple, I wonder will you too see it in a different light?


4 comments on Maria & Ian | Lovebird Session | Kilkee

  1. Nadia

    Wow, love the shots:-) The second day was epic:-) Beautiful:-)

  2. Lisa Wallace

    Wow wow wow! Seriously think I’ll have to do it again!!! Why couldn’t I have known about ye in 2006 :-(

  3. Limerick’s Life

    I can only repeat what others have said before me Wow! It almost makes me want to take a drive up to Kilkee.

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