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 Kate and Sean are the kind of people you meet and think, “How did I live the past few decades without them in my life!?” We really didn’t know them at all. In fact, the first moment we met was the night before the wedding. We were coming from California and I was nervous about all the hundreds of things that could go wrong. But when I met Kate and Sean I remember thinking, “Phew… I bet the photos will be amazing if nothing else goes right!” And I was right.

The morning of the wedding, the weather was awful. Wind and rain like you couldn’t imagine. So naturally I was bummed that there would be no great outdoor photos. However, the morning getting ready and hanging out was still awesome. Kate and Sean would pop in, take a few photos of my friends and I getting ready, hang out for a while, make me laugh, and then disappear. Of course at the time I was thinking of too many things to wonder where they went. But now I know, they were off taking photos, amazing photos, of all the small but important details in Ballintaggart House. The door knocker, the signs, the flowers… all the tiny things that I never told them I wanted pictures of, but I was so grateful that they captured. It’s so hard to absorb all of the details when there is so much going on – but looking at those pictures was so important to me later. Also, the photos of my dress, shoes, and veil were perfect – and captured without me giving any sort of direction at all. Professional, incredible, and so fun it was like having two best friends around the whole time.

After the ceremony, there was a bit of a break in that awful weather. It was still misty, windy, and cold… but at least we could go outside. So Kate and Sean whisked us away. In just a quick hour, they were able to make our wedding day truly perfect. We got photos of us in sweeping Irish countryside, windy roads, and even a tiny pub in Dingle. My favorite picture was a wide shot of us taken on Conor Pass. We look small in the landscape but holding each other and close together – it’s such a special image. The funny part is that picture was taken when it was so rainy and windy we both were saying to each other, “there is no way any of these pictures will be good.” Boy were we wrong. Also, as we walked up hills and down to the beaches I forgot shoes so all I had were my super high heels… stupid. Luckily I had made a new best friend (Kate) who had extra sneakers in her car. I wore her shoes the whole time and you can’t believe how grateful I was. That’s one of 587 reasons Kate is my favorite human. They put us in the right positions to look natural, happy and magical.

I couldn’t possibly recommend them enough. I couldn’t possibly be happier when I look at our photos. We are so lucky to have found them – and I hope when we go back to visit Ireland we can buy them a pint or two 🙂 Every moment they captured is real and special… there is nothing posed. At one point Sean climbed like a mountain goat high up on slippery rocks to get pictures that make my heart melt. Our wedding was something out of a dream… but just like a dream some of it is hazy when it’s over. You want to hold onto everything and every moment but the excitement (and alcohol if I’m being honest) make it fuzzy and hard to remember in detail. Kate and Sean were able to literally capture a dream. I get to relive and remember that day every time we look at their pictures. I’m so grateful to them both.

We really love you guys.

Kaleen & Mike

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The most wondrous day of our lives will live on forever thanks to Poppies and Me.

Sean and Kate are magic and their pictures not only capture a moment, but an emotion.When you dream of your big day and it finally arrives there isn’t a second you want to forget and now when we look back at our pictures we are transported to that incredible day.

Our photos are unique and reflective of us as a couple and our personalities. No matter how many times we look at them they are still breathtaking.

There were plenty of laughs with Sean and Kate on the day and were totally at ease. They were also on hand with invaluable advise especially to a very nervous father of the bride who will remember the kindness shown by Kate for a long time.

It wasn’t just the day that Poppies and Me were a dream but in the run up the wedding. From what we wanted from our pictures, to selecting the final images.

Thank you Poppies and Me xx

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We have just had our first wedding anniversary and it’s a time when you look back, talk and remember the day. What you did and what you felt, and all the little things that happened. The last year flew and I expect the future anniversaries will all come and go quite quickly and I expect some of the memories will fade. Of course I won’t ever forget the big day itself but as time goes by I guess I will remember less and less. Your wedding photos (and your wedding photographer) are very special, as those photos will help to jog those memories and feelings you and about that day.

Some reasons why to pick Sean and Kate are because of the photos themselves, just check out the website and you can see the talent both these guys have. There a great team and I really admire their approach to their work, their professionalism and constant enthusiasm (yes Kate especially you). Your wedding day is a very special day, and even though I have been to many weddings, it is a completely difference experience when it’s your own. It is a completely new perspective. Sean and Kate have been to many many weddings, and sometimes back to the same venue again and again and again, yet their enthusiasm for their work is 100%. I don’t believe that is always easy, we all have days when our work is hard but I very much admired their work ethic and their appreciation of how important the day is for you and your family.

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My favourite photo is just of Mark on his own looking like someone from the horse and hound magazine. We have some great photos from the wedding but I also recommend doing a love bird shoot. You might feel awkward or silly but it’s a great idea to get more comfortable and to get to know Sean and Kate and my favourite photo out of all (including the weddings ones is this one.

So thank you Sean and Kate for doing a splendid job, and giving us fabulous photos to remind us of our wedding day. Any chance you do baby photos, were not expecting, but maybe in the future, and who better to come back and document the happy moments in our lives.

Best love and best success to Poppies & Me

Val & Mark

Best Irish wedding Photographer

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Our one and only wedding fair related trip lead us straight to Sean and Kate aka Poppies and Me! A few weeks later, with heads still spinning, we had our wedding photographers booked. Straight off we knew we’d made the right decision! That was clear to us from the day they invited us into their home for tea, a chat and a chance to go through so many amazing albums. We actually forgot that we were there on ‘business’ so to speak. Their warmth and kindness is rare to find these days and they just exude an amazing energy that if they could bottle it and sell it to brides and grooms (or anybody) around the world they’d be minted!!!

 We were a nervous duo when it came to having our photos taken – how are you supposed to relax and be natural when you have a million things to think about, not to mention what feels like a world of people looking at you?! After many entertaining (and laugh out loud) e-mails over and back with Kate, fully reassured, we decided to do the Love Bird Shoot to calm our nerves and it truly was the best thing we could have done. Off we headed to UL one weekend in early June, we had the place to ourselves and Sean and Kate to remind us to smile – thanks guys! That day they worked miracles and turned us from two people posing rather awkwardly who looked like they didn’t know each other into two people who could relax in front of a camera … and smile! It was so much fun and left us waiting rather impatiently for our wedding day to roll around.

 Now, a few months on, our wedding day is a happy, blurry memory of bliss-filled moments but one that jumps out is Sean and Kate arriving at the house bright and early with our guest book in tow and oh so prettily wrapped. I squealed (for ages) in delight. It was an amazing start to an amazing day. They both fitted so seamlessly into the preparations that morning, their attention to detail and sharp eyes meant they saw opportunities to take beautiful photos at every turn. Their enthusiasm was contagious, they were patient, fun and so understanding. I will always remember how easy their company was on our wedding day, how we laughed with them and how nothing was too much trouble for them. It was exactly what we had imagined it would be after the Love Bird Shoot.

Anyone that tells you “the day will fly” is telling you the truth. The day was a fabulous whirlwind of laughter, smiles, excitement and happiness and Sean and Kate captured every aspect of that, not to mention doing it in such a calm, understated and professional way. The amazing thing with Sean and Kate is their uncanny ability to capture the natural moments, moments in time with friends, family and all the people who are so important in our lives and that is something that we will cherish forever. Their exceptional talent makes them a dream pair to work with.

To Sean and Kate we say a massive thank you, both for what you did for us and what you’ve given us, we are so appreciative of the efforts that you have gone to for us – we adore our photos! You guys are the best…

 Love John & Maria xx

Poppiesandme review

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Sara & Tony

On speaking to many of our friends who had gotten married they had all mentioned that the big day itself just whizzes by in a flash, I can also attest to this after many months of planning, organizing and meetings our wedding day came and went in the blink of an eye. Because of this we were very keen to have our big day captured by the right photographer. Getting the right people is one of the most important decisions you will make, apart from saying “I DO” of course. Well I am glad to say made the right one in asking Sean and Kate to be our Wedding photographers.

I had know Sean since secondary school in the Crescent College Comprehensive and we were in the same transition year class where we both sported tremendously questionable haircuts known as an “Undercut” high fashion at the time! Kate also attended HSI college where we were both doing the same course.

I had been following the Poppies & me blog for some time and really liked the images they captured, I liked the natural feel of the images, Sara and I knew Sean and Kate were the perfect fit. Our wedding was abroad and initially we sadly discounted Poppies & me. I bumped into Sean who informed me that they were more than willing to travel which was fantastic news so a meeting was set in #PoppyHQ shortly after for some tea and a chat after which dates were confirmed and booked.

Sean and Kate are both a very relaxed, laid back, genuine and funny couple this was very apparent on lovebird shoot in Lanzarote we all hopped in the car and headed off for some shots, their interaction with each other is lovely to see with little quips here and there immediately puts you at ease and makes you comfortable. Plenty of laughter was had that day along with fantastic images. On the day of the wedding both Sean and Kate were fantastic, professional and courteous even when there was a blossoming bromance developing between Sean and Mike a guest at the wedding. Sean and Kate obviously love what they do and this shines through when you meet them for the first time their giddiness is infectious and welcome. You know some people have just “got it” its like breathing a second nature, Poppies and Me have it in spades don’t stop doing what your doing guys, it brings happiness to a lot of people. Thank you both for been part of our wedding day.

Lots of love Tony & Sara

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Jennifer & Patrick

“I found out about Poppies and Me through a friend at work, around the time of their official launch as Poppies & Me. I looked up their site straight away and LOVED what I say. I was also so taken with Kate’s writing and couldn’t wait for us to meet! So, after some lovely emails back and forth, we set up a meeting around Easter time… they had me at “tea” and “biscuits”! ;.)

We had a lovely afternoon getting to know Kate and Seán and we knew straight away that we wanted Poppies and Me to capture our wedding day. They were the only Photographers we had met with and we knew we didn’t need to meet any others. They were “The Ones”! and praise the Lord, they could do our wedding! We had an amazing day with them on our LoveBirdShoot. The sun was shining and it was just one of those fabulous days that you will always remember… Finished off with a picnic with glorious views and of course, a yummy ice cream!

In the lead up to the wedding, I had many thoroughly enjoyable phonecalls with Kate – who was always full of positivity (and always is… which I admire so much!), tips and advice… which, from her professional point of view, are invaluable to a Bride to Be! On the morning of the wedding, it was a pleasure to have Kate and Seán at my house. Seán just does his thing in the background so you don’t ever have cause to feel nervous or anything and even when he’s doing the more formal/posed shots, he has such a lovely, fun way of helping you with poses or whatever – it’s easy peasy!

We did a First Look in my garden, which was just beautiful. Kate and Seán were amazing with this and really captured how special it was for us. This was obviously one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the day for me and my now Husband, but Kate and Seán knew exactly what to do and how best to do it.. and we were so thankful for their direction. They knew how nervous and emotional we both were and they just made the whole thing happen by guiding us beforehand and then doing their thing in the background – magic!  As for the rest of the wedding day, which everyone knows flies by – again, we were thrilled to have Kate and Seán with us. At one stage, even joking that the four of us might just stay in the Bridal Suite eating Percy Pigs and canapés! We had a bit of family list that we wanted to capture and Kate & Seán were just brilliant in helping us to get these shots. They have the patience of Saints! When it came time to say goodbye to them both on the night, we were like “Don’t Go”! They are just amazing people to be around! We continue to keep in touch and I love catching up with them.

We absolutely LOVE all our wedding photographs and album (which was processed so efficiently and without delay – they are superhuman, I think!) and will cherish them forever! They captured everything we wanted about the day and I still get emotional looking back at the photographs! Everyone who has seen both our LoveBirdShoot and Wedding photos are amazed by them! I couldn’t recommend Poppies and Me highly enough!!”

It is near impossible to choose one favourite image from the whole day but our First Look was so special and was probably the most emotional part of the day for us both.

Poppiesandme Review


Rachael & Anthony

We met ‘the Poppies’ by chance at a wedding fair, when I flicked through their work and complained that I couldn’t find anybody as good as them in the South of France, where I was getting married.  They promptly assured me that they have passports, will travel and good God, the rest is history.  

We had met with one photography company.  ONE.  But it was ‘the’ one.

Both Kate and Sean are experts in their field, whom I’m happy to recommend (two of our guests booked them within weeks of our wedding) and also now firm friends I’m sure we’ll have for a long time to come.  They were very fair in terms of pricing, even with travel included, and in relation to customer service, they were just incredible.  Despite being super busy, they answered every query, large or small and managed not to even raise an eyebrow at some of my odder ideas and notions.

A mark of their professionalism is that although it was the height of their busiest season, they arrived three days early to France to location-scout.  This meant that on the day of the wedding we were deftly and quietly manoeuvred from chateau gardens to vineyards to sunflower fields, producing an eclectic, colourful mix of hugely memorable shots.  Having a team who are also a couple really helps add another dimension to the client-supplier relationship.  While consummate professionals, they also exude a warmth and generosity of heart that I imagine is very rare.  Little things, like Kate holding a cold drink to the back of Mum’s neck as she fussed in the afternoon heat, or Sean calming my nervous husband-to-be by making him laugh in the mirror as he got ready. These are all special moments that are, like our beautiful photographs, embedded into our memories.

I’m sorry if I sound gushing, but it’s hard not to.  On a very personal note, I spent eight crazy months single-handedly organising a three-day destination wedding that passed in the blink of an eye. As any bride knows, you’re so busy organising details and ensuring that your guests are having a good time that often your memory of the day can be a blur.   As such I’ll be forever grateful to the Poppies for crystallising those memories for me, capturing special moments in the whirlwind and providing me with a permanent reminder that all the hard work was worth it.  Now, as we’re back in the everyday humdrum of rainy Ireland, those images of close friends, dear family and our two happy, thrilled faces sustain us and will continue to do so over the years to come.

For that, I’m very, very grateful.

Poppiesandme Destination wedding photography


Nancy & David

 “Although we organised our wedding quite quickly, we really took our time looking for our perfect photographer. Once we saw Poppies and me’s work we had our hearts set on them and were delighted when they were able to do our wedding. All their work looked fun but carefully considered, not cheesy and most importantly, the couples always looked stunning and happy in the photos. They also took amazing pictures of the setting and as two architects we were keen to capture all the quirky details of our lovely church and reception venue.

From our first email and skype exchanges (we’re based in London, so couldn’t come and meet them in person) Poppies and me were the perfect combination of being utterly professional and organised as well as very fun and informal and easy to get on with.

On the day, Kate and Sean were fabulous. Punctual and calm, they were on hand from getting ready, making our way to the church right up the party afterwards. They were discretely everywhere they needed to be, getting all of the best shots, often without us even realising. They were also really easy to have around, feeling more like a pair of friends and blending in with all of our guests.

The photos speak for themselves, we and our guests were relaxed throughout the whole day and the photos beautifully capture one of the best days of our lives making the memories sparkle almost a year on.”

Nancy & David Poppyblog 110
Eoin & Sinead

Sean and Kate, a la Poppies & Me as they are now collectively known as!

It was through our collective parents that we had found out about Sean and his knack for doing sensational wedding shoots as well as seeing some impressive examples online and we chose his services not only because he himself got married to Kate where we had decided we wanted to get married but also because Sean and Kate are great at what they do!

They invited us into their home (to check out the biscuit collection) to have a talk about what we wanted from our wedding shoot, what style we wanted and generally to get to know us a bit better and for us to see further examples of the types of weddings they had done.

These guys are serious workaholics, but what would you expect from a top class, passionate about what they do service. From the moment they arrived to the moment they left us to it, to enjoy the wedding into the wee hours of the morning, they were so helpful and I even managed to steal Sean away for a photo-shoot with my two best men before the night ended to top off what has been the best day of my life!!

The quality of the work even shines through when we received a tweet from Kate to let us know they had a surprise for us, it was of course our wedding album! It was simply breath taking as Sinead and I sat down with a glass of red to peruse the photo’s we had chosen to go into the album that is without flaw. The extra’s that came with the album, were well thought through and we were delighted that we chose the right people to portray the right picture of who Sinead and I are.

With many thanks and kindest regards,

Eoin & Sinead





Bernadine & Shane

“Sean and Kate were a pleasure to have around on the morning of our Wedding. As you can expect it is a stressful time- and they got on with the task in hand. The weather on the day was horrendous. It poured rain all day. Sean still managed to capture some spectacular images and we are thrilled with the outcome. Sean is a credit to his work. He is professional, courteous and kept everything flowing. We would highly recommend Sean and Kate and wish them the best of Luck with their new endeavors with Poppies & Me.”


Susan & Kevin

“Seán & Kate recently worked with us on our wedding day in September in Spanish Point, Co. Clare.
They were both extremely helpful throughout the day enabling us to get super photos of the day.
They even found a really secluded and isolated beach for some fabulous pictures. They were very relaxed
and good humored and any request we had was never any trouble to do. We would thoroughly recommend
them. “


AnneMarie & Niall

“Thank you so much for our brilliant photos of our wedding day.

When Anne Marie and I got engaged we had a number of photographers on our list to see and meet and Sean Curtin was always going to be one of them. A limerick man who’s name is well known and respected around the county for his professionalism and willingness to try new things when it comes to wedding photography. We were not looking for the standard photographer that would promise the same photographs displayed at all wedding shows.

When we first arrived at their home and met with Sean and Kate their relaxed attitude put us at ease straight away.

With a cup if tea and a conversation we all went through what Anne Marie and I wanted to get out of our wedding day. We then looked at the different albums Sean and Kate have created over the last few years. Every book was different. Every photo was unique. Whether it was a beach photo, a Walls of Limerick photo or a woodland photo Sean seemed to be able to capture brilliant pictures of the couple as well as everything else going on around them.

Then we were introduced to the Photo booth idea and we were sold. Photos of your wedding party that they can take of themselves. It’s a brilliant idea and worked really well. Some of the photos are priceless.

On the day we were lucky with the weather and Sean and Kate made the most of the blue skies. Anne Marie found Kate to be unbelievable helpful all throughout the day from fixing her dress to fixing her hair on a windy day in Spanish Point. I never noticed Sean once in the reception of the hotel but some of the photos taken are excellent and he really captured the guest’s expressions. The work done by Sean and Kate before the day was needed, as Kate knew exactly what photo of each group had to be taken. This was really helpful as with all weddings there are delays and time isn’t something you have a lot of.

As it stands we are in the process of selecting our photos for our photo book. It’s a hard job to exclude photos but at the same time there are worse things you could be doing!!!

I couldn’t recommend a better team for anyone to pick for their photographer.

Thanks again to Sean and Kate for all your help.”


Denise & Cian

“Sean and Kate were so fantastic throughout our entire wedding buildup… to the point that I thanked Kate for being my ‘Wedding Cheerleader’ in my speech! On the day itself, they made it so much for fun for our wedding party and us. Creatively, they are a step ahead and I am so delighted with our pics! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough!”


Antoinette & Ian

“We were really delighted with both the service and the photographs that Sean and Kate did for our wedding. They listened to and met all our requests for our big day no matter how small or awkward they were. Not once were we bothered by them and we even forgot they were around most of the day as they blended into the background and they showed so much interest in us and our day that they seemed to be part of the wedding itself rather than the normal dreaded photographer who is in your face! It’s easy to see why they have won awards in their profession. Their attention to detail is outstanding and they are so friendly and pleasant to be around. Thank you both so much for everything and making us feel at ease. We could not be happier! We cannot recommend Poppies and Me highly enough.”



Clodagh and Donn.

“We’re a pretty particular couple. We know what we want and we won’t rest until we find it, which doesn’t always make for an easy life. It certainly didn’t make for easy wedding planning! When looking for our wedding photographer, we had quite a specific list of criteria.

– A relaxed attitude. Anyone following us around on our wedding day would need to be chilled…and able to keep us calm too!
– Punctuality. The last thing we wanted was a supplier causing a delay on the big day.
– A great sense of humour. We reckoned that if they could make us laugh, it would make it easier to smile all day long.
– An imagination. Someone who could think of the perfect way to catch us at our very best.
– A love for what they do. You won’t want to share your day with anyone who sees it as just a job.
– And lastly, a real talent. For seeing special little moments and turning them into lifelong keepsakes.
A challenge? We thought so too, until we met Sean Curtin. With the most easy going nature and a stunning portfolio, full of perfectly captured moments, he was the obvious choice. Now, Sean Curtin’s work graces the walls of many rooms throughout our house. The perfect reminders of our perfect day.”



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