Rachael & Anthony | Chateau Pennautier | France

November 07th. 2013 | 17 Comments

It seems like many many moons ago  we stayed in the sleepy little town of Pennautier, just out side of Carcassonne, France. Rachael and Anthony had a met us by chance back in January and said it was such a shame they couldn’t have us as they were getting married in Chateau Pennautier in France and they really loved the Poppies weddings. I was ever so quick and perhaps not so subtle to point out that yes “We have bags, will travel!!” and that was the start of something special, with two really rather special sweethearts.

Rachael is so amazing to be around, she carries an air of infectious happiness, you can not help but smile when around her. Rachael is also a foodie, you can see why we love her! ( @gastronomics_ie on twitter) As for Anthony! I have never met such an enthusiastic heart. If Anthony does something he does it whole heartedly, no half measures. If that something means making Rachaels day brighter, then there is no stopping him. I have never EVER seen a groom get so into their own wedding. From all the prep and even with the lovebirdshoot, nothing was too much trouble.. he had it all covered. Anothony just wanted it to be perfect for Rachael. Two nights before the wedding Rachael’s parents invited us to join a little dinner party they were having. Naturally Rachael was doing the cooking, dinner was incredible!  After getting a wee bit lost in the french country side we eventually arrived at our destination.  This was new territory to us. I mean its not every wedding you get such a wonderful invite. So to say we were a little apprehensive was an understatement. We need not have worried. We were welcomed in as if we were family. We certainly felt like family leaving later on that night!! With in minutes we saw where Rachael  got her good looks and warmth. Yes Barnaby, I am talking about Dee!. As we sat around the table with Racheals family and friends { this is where we finally met the beautiful Emily Westbrooks }, we heard the story of Brian & Dee, Rachael’s parents. Dee & Brian have been together since they were teenagers, having only ever broken up for a few hours, though Rachael’s dad would argue this point, saying he never knew about these hours, so “the brake up” simply didn’t happen. They are a couple still madly in love. I mean like crazy madly in love, like they are still in the honeymoon phase of first dates and butterflies. It is wonderful. The values and lessons in love and life, shown by Brian and Dee are like gold dust. And Rachael and Anthony are shining bright in it.

A forever Thank you to Rachael and Anthony. For many reasons, for allowing us to share your day in France, for all the new friendships made, for “that” bottle of wine,  for all the food advice and for an amazingly beautiful happy tear filled wedding. For reminding us that love never grows old unless you let it.

Love and hugs always.


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17 comments on Rachael & Anthony | Chateau Pennautier | France

  1. Anita

    Stuning bride! The 2 photos of the grooms first sight of his bride brought tears to my eyes <3

  2. Mr Sputnik

    Pardon my French… F*@king Class!

  3. Jenny Bell

    Poppies&Me what an amazing job on the photos. Finally someone who captured that amazing weekend of fun, love and friendship. Yoy also captured so beautifully the love between this fabulous couple. Rachael my dear Nana would be so proud. You did it with class!!!! X

  4. Dorothy

    Kate & Sean aka Poppiesandme, thank you for your lovely words but the most amazing photographic memories of Rachael and Anthony’s wedding could never have been achieved without you both and your special talented gifts. Thank you both so very much. x D et B

  5. Bartek Witek

    Stunning couple in gorgeous sceneries 🙂 Great work Kate & Sean!

  6. Christina Brosnan

    What a beauty of a wedding Poppies!

  7. Wedding Time

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I do not know who you’re but undoubtedly you are going to be a famous blogger.

  8. Pierre

    Great pictures!

    We’ve actually been considering this location – but having only visited once and being far we actually find it hard to determine whether it is feasible!

    We’d love to ask bride and groom some questions if you would be willing to share some contact details. Please feel free to ping at the email incl.


  9. The Lous

    How did I miss this guys – EPIC!!

  10. Joanna at A Dream French Wedding

    Classy venue and just love the styling of the tables with the gold frames, books and the pearl-laden chandeliers. Great photography, particularly love the sunflower shot!

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  12. Mona

    Rachael emailed me the link to her pictures and i have to say that i have never seen anything like it before! What an amazing venue. The Bride and Groom both looked so so happy. Rachael purchased her dress in my Bridal Boutique and it was fantastic to see the finished look, you looked really beautiful Rachael. Spectacular photos!

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  14. Suzanne Hannon

    Hi, Ive been looking for a French venue for months and this one seems perfect. Could you please provide me with contact details for the bride or groom if at all possible? I would love to ask them some questions if they don’t mind. Small world – I think they are also from Limerick?! My H2B recognises the groom.

    Poppies and Me – amazing work. i saw your pictures of Eimear’s wedding in Limerick – incredibly unique x

    • Poppiesandme

      Suzanne, I would love to help you out with brides details, I know Rachael would love to help you out.
      Can you contact me through our contact page so I have your email and I can forward on the deets!
      Thanks so much,

  15. Caitlin

    Hi, we are looking into Pennautier for our wedding and would love to ask Rachael a couple of questions if it is possible to provide her contact details?


  16. Anna

    nice wedding blog & photography…found an analogous wedding blog here

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