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January 31st. 2013 | 4 Comments

Awh Sarah and Nick. What a cool quirky couple.

When they got in contact with us they were keen to impress that they were a bit different. They loved an urban setting and that there would be no beaches or forests. It would be walking down a busy street holding hands and eating ice cream. It was to be a really personal wedding with family and close friends. A friend of Sarah’s was to sing to sing to the couple for their first dance and other friends were spending hours making up the place names out of smarties, in wait for it….binary code. This couple had so many great and quirky ideas for their wedding. We were swept up in the enthusiasm and energy of this couple. Now that I am thinking about it I don’t think we actually saw much of Nick on that Skype chat, never the less it was a very entertaining half an hour on the Skype machine. I was seriously thrilled that these two were to get married in the infamous “G Hotel” Galway. I would like to say the excitement was down to the fact that I have an keen interest in Philip Tracey¬†and hats …… but that would be a lie! Really it was more the excitement of finally getting to try one of their famous cocktails {high five to head bridesmaid Niamh who made this happen…. I love you! and yes it was awesome.}

For any one that has not been to this hotel, get there as soon as you can. Its great fun. I felt like Alice in Wonderland until I got my bearings. Random fact, the ladies loos down stairs are COOL! I wanted to take the camera off Sean and take one or two pictures of the mirror and black and white tiles which are the only items to be highlighted in the pitch black darkness. When I came running out, Sean just looked at me and said “Kate, do I really need to tell you how weird that sounded? Not to mention we could get thrown out?” and continued to give me the look until I took my hand off the camera. So guys you are just going to have to take my word for it and ladies check it out!!!!

Sarah and Nicks wedding was so much fun. Strolling down shop street with out actually going shopping for me was a new experience as I would say it was for Sarah walking down the street in her ¬†wedding dress. I don’t know if it was just because it was Galway, but everyone was so lovely to the wedding party. People wishing Sarah and Nick Congratulations and Good luck. As in actually saying it and shaking hands rather than screaming it across the road. At one point I think some guy walking past burst into song, while his buddy was happily photo bombing our group shots. Hilarious!

Thank you Sarah and Nick for a brilliant wedding, we loved every moment of it.

We wish you a life time of Love and Happiness and being totally EPIC forever!!

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4 comments on Sarah & Nick | The G | Wedding

  1. Kate

    It is indeed, the very ones! Very excited about sharing this Galway wedding very soon!

  2. Rob

    Awesome work!!! What a cool venue!

    • kate

      Awwwh Rob! Thanks so much, high praise indeed! *blushes*

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