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March 05th. 2013 | 4 Comments

Since spring looks like it is finally here and the temperatures are finally starting to rise, I thought this was the perfect day to blog the blue skied wedding of Susan and Kevin.

Although it looks sunny and warm, checkout Kevin’s niece and nephew all wrapped up in warm jackets hats and scarf. It was freezing. So when we rocked up to Kevin on the morning of the wedding for a bit of breakfast {only joking} we laughed when he said himself and the lads were still going to take a dip. Fair play to them. I watched on in a fit of laughter as the boys headed straight for the waves of the Atlantic! When Sean and myself raced back to the car and blasted on the heating, only then did I hope the lads would be okay in a few hours time and had not suffered any major form of hypothermia!

This was our first wedding in the Red Cliff Lodge and I can only give it a thumbs up! It was stunning, great location, it was intimate and had wonderful staff.  It was just as Kevin and Susan had promised it would be. I could see why they chose it. The cottages where the ladies got ready were huge and WARM! See us girls are clever, no jumping into the freezing sea for these ladies! Quite rightly they sat and were pampered by Caroline and Louise. It was one of those calm relaxed mornings. Susan had everything under control acting as cool as a cucumber. The only thing giving her away was that huge beautiful smile of hers any time some one mentioned Kevin! Susan your eyes literally sparkled brighter than the stars when some one mentioned Kevins name! I can only assume that was due to the impending marriage to your soul mate and not the impending All Ireland finals!!!!!  There was some major banter all day about that, which in itself could be a whole other blog post!!

Susan was looking fabulous and was ready ahead of time so we decided that we should head over to the lads. Well that and we were getting well too comfy with Susans mum taking us under wing care offering us ample cups of tea and many many beautiful sandwiches.  We found the lads not suffering from any form of hypothermia and reading the papers { its always all about “the Game”} in the local pub. For grown lads that just braved the elements they got an awful fit of the giggles when it came to showing us their socks!

Laughter and mischief was definitely in the air on this day in September.  So when the priest made  a wee faux pas when introducing husband and wife the church erupted with a fit of the giggles. I suspect much to the delight of the priest, who I have to say kept us entertained the whole way through the ceremony. I do love when a ceremony is interactive and entertaining it keeps everyone on their toes!

After the church the laughter and what we should really call messing at this point continued on Quilty pier and a beautiful secluded beach we found a few days earlier.

Susan and Kevin, Thank you so so much for allowing us to be part of your magical wedding. We enjoyed every moment of it. Promise us that you will never stop laughing and smiling!!!

A Million billion wishes of love and laughter for the future!




 Florist: Flower Den, Venue: Red Cliff Lodge Dress: Your perfect day, Bridesmaid dress: Mimis Boutique, Grooms suits: Martin Freeny,

Make up: Caroline Keane Hairdresser: Louise Carney Bliss Hairdressing

Poppy love from Susan & Kevin

“Seán & Kate recently worked with us on our wedding day in September in Spanish Point, Co. Clare.
They were both extremely helpful throughout the day enabling us to get super photos of the day.
They even found a really secluded and isolated beach for some fabulous pictures. They were very relaxed
and good humored and any request we had was never any trouble to do. We would thoroughly recommend
them. ”

Susan & Kevin

4 comments on Susan & Kevin | Red Cliff Lodge | Wedding

  1. Amy French

    Lovely wedding guys. I love the pub shots!

    • Kate

      Thanks Amy! The lads were great fun :)

  2. Kevin

    Hi guys! Love the photos, thanks a million. Great blog post too :-)

    • Kate

      Awh Kevin! Thank you and your beautiful wife for letting us be part of your day.
      It was brilliant and that beach will forever remind us of you two!

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