Valerie & Mark | Kilshane House | Wedding | Ireland

June 04th. 2014 | 1 Comment

Awh Valerie and Mark! What an awesome couple. It seemed rather fitting that they got married in Kilshane House, a place we know and love so well. Valerie was perfectly content when we arrived to Kilshane, more lady of the house than nervous bride to be! We chit-chatted for a bit, though there were interruptions from Mark! Every now and then some one would arrive at the door with a wee present sent from Mark to his bride to be. Queue swooning from me and shaking of the head from Sean! Take note grooms to be, this is definitely how to start out a marriage on the right footing, start as you mean to go on!!! I have to say I was totally blown away by Valeries Dress… It turned out to be a two piece, a beautiful full-flowy-silk-skirt and a beaded top. It was breath taking on the hanger… It was to die for once it was on its intended person.. {who sadly wasn’t me. I loved it THAT much} Valerie and Mark had discussed doing a first look way back when we first met them. We were only thrilled at this. We adore first looks and kinda think they are pretty awesome, it really does take the nerves out of the way, you get magical images and the day becomes more relaxed. What could be more awesome?  A first look in a botanical filled conservatory, thats what! It was all very emotional.. even Sean had a tear, though he swears it was just the humidity causing him havoc!! The four of us strolled around the house taking photos and chatting and before we knew it, it was time for these two to get hitched!

Valerie and Mark, thanks so much for everything, for the laughter, for that dress, for the love that you share. you two are magic!


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  1. wishesbridal

    Wedding always be romantic and beautiful.Beside this wedding gown is also gorgeous.

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