Day 10 | Agés to Burgos | 22.8km | Camino De Santiago

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So todays post starts with a pic of Jaqcs. Robbed from Instagram. I know sorry Jacqs! Last night was brilliant! We took our seats in the small dining room beside the kitchen. Already at the table sits the beautiful Jaqcs. It is the first time we meet this lass and we are blown away by her.  Jacqs talks a mile a minute. As she does, I am transported along with her adventures. The way she describes her trip to Paris, is brilliant. I can almost hear the conversations on the street as she walks down it, I can smell the heat in the kitchen of the cookery class, feel the warmth of the wine shared with her friends. I could listen to this Australian lilt all evening. Her enthusiasm is…View Full Post.

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Love Notes.

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Ciara and Liam The most wondrous day of our lives will live on forever thanks to Poppies and Me. Sean and Kate are magic and their pictures not only capture a moment, but an emotion.When you dream of your big day and it finally arrives there isn’t a second you want to forget and now when we look back at our pictures we are transported to that incredible day. Our photos are unique and reflective of us as a couple and our personalities. No matter how many times we look at them they are still breathtaking. There were plenty of laughs with Sean and Kate on the day and were totally at ease. They were also on hand with invaluable advise especially to a very nervous father of the bride…View Full Post.

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Day 9 | Belorado to Ages | 27.9km | Camino de Santiago

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Its day nine. Its been our best day yet. The Way has opened up its magic to us, in return for us mending our hearts…

Little did I know then, it was only to get better!

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Kate & Sean | Vaughan’s Pub | The Vows

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Jeepers, where to start on this blog post? I guess the most frequently asked questioned was ” Why renew your vows? Was once not enough?” I used to laugh this off and reply “Shure, there are no rules when it comes to love!” Inside however, the answer begged to yelled out, quite frankly no, once was not enough, nor was it all it was cracked up to be!  Now is the time for the honesty. I always knew we would get married. When I imagined it, I imagined that it would be beside the sea. That a knot would be tied, our parents and our dearest friends would witness this old celtic traditional, the bonding of hearts. I knew that we would walk into our wedding ceremony together, hand in…View Full Post.

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Day 8 | Azofra to Belorado | 43.9km | Camino de Santiago

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Last nights antics went on forever. At the time I was really fecking cross and felt like going down and screaming at the other 58 pilgrims to shut the hell up. It was well gone 11pm totally past lights out and curfew. The sing songs have started. Now, I do love a good sing song as much as the next person. However, when you get a bunch of people together and the only common language is English, sings songs are a nightmare. With great gusto a chorus of “let me entertaint you” by Mr Williams would start, half way through it would be come muffled…slowed down to the point of stopping and then some one would sing out “Leeeeet Meeeee EntertaaaainYOuuuuuuuuu” and it would start all over again. Many chorus of many songs were sang that night. On.repeat. My particular favourite was “Give it way now” By the Chilli Peppers. I have no idea what words they were yodelling, but at least they had the harmony right! I suspect it was all that €2 wine. I wonder who brought the last of the bottles back to the shop?

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Fancy a stroll around our neighbourhood?

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We are always telling people how we love where we live, in Limerick. There is a hashtag #limerickandproud which I fear I may wear out soon! However, it occurred to me the other day, that most people wouldn’t see our neighbourhood in the same way we do. Like who ever actually takes the time to walk around where they live and really look at it. So off out I went with my camera, snapping with no agenda other than what caught my eye. I love how rich in history Limerick is. I love even more that we live in one of the oldest parts of the city. Fancy a brief history lesson? Okay then, *takes deep breath* In times past, the ancient city of Limerick itself was entirely contained in the area now known as Englishtown (where we live!) as a walled city, bits of which can still be seen today. Most people think we have the walls of Liemrick in the garden of PoppyHQ, we don’t its the remains of a seriously, seriously old house.

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