Poppiesandme go to Norway | Day Seven | Kirkenes

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I feel overwhelmed by sheer joy when I think of all we experienced on this cruise. Just looking over the last few images has me blubbing. The winter cruise was called hunting the light and by golly we certainly did that. Hand on heart I can say that this was one of thee most beautiful and magical experiences of my life. I feel so privileged to live on such a vast and enigmatic planet and I am humbled that I got to share one of my life long dreams with my soulmate.

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Christine & Darragh | Lovebirdshoot | Clare | Ireland

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ts strange to have family living at the other side of the world. I know there is the phones/post/facebook etc but its not like calling around to your cousins for a pot of tea and a good old natter. So earlier this year I was thrilled to hear that, not only were family coming home for a week but Darragh was bringing his beautiful fiancée Christine.

Poppiesandme Lovebirdshoot Clare 042

Kate & David | Wedding | Ballintaggart House | Dingle | Wedding

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You all know that we love nothing more than a great wedding in Dingle, in Ballintaggrt House. Even after all this time there is something that pulls you back to the house and you fall even more in love than before. I think also that there is a magic spell cast over the estate and that it chooses you, you don’t choose it! When we met Kate and David, I knew the right choice had been made. Kate is a remarkable soul, a striking lady, quite but so very strong even though I don’t think she realised just how strong. David is her loveable beau, full of love and laughter!  I couldn’t have been more thrilled when they asked us to be their wedding photographers. Ballintaggart always affords its couples…View Full Post.

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Poppiesandme go to Norway | Day Six | Nordkapp

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So now we are all clear on that. Norkapp will always be the end of the world to me though. It was so TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! Not only because there was enough snow to last me a life time, not only because i wasn’t the only adult making snow angels, or so cold I could feel iciles popping in my lungs, or that we got a sepcial stamp on our postcards, or that they made thee best hot chocolate ever… Nope none of that. It was so totally AMAZING because we saw day time and night time sky in the same Sky!!! I KNOW… go on go back and re read that. NIGHT AND DAY IN THE SAME SKY=TOTALLY MIND BLOWING!!!!!

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Justina & Eric | The Cliffs of Moher | Ireland

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Talk about being adventurous. Taking your wedding dress with its million layers of stories across the Atlantic ocean to a country you have never been before is no mean feat. For Eric it was a whole new world of adventures, first time on a plane and driving on the other side of the road, first time seeing the sea. I keep thinking back to Erics time here, how utterly awesome and okay scary with the driving part, but just wow!

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Lauren & Cian | Wedding | Kilshane House | Tipperary | Ireland

September 15th. 2014 | 1 Comment

Lauren and Cian will always and forever be synonymous with our stove! For the first time they were due to meet us in PoppyHQ we had lit our first log fire. Even though installation man had said there “might” be a smell, I wasn’t ready for the fumes that filled the house and set off ALL the fire alarms. So I had to call Lauren ten minutes before we were due to meet and cancel! I was mortified and the house stank for three days after! We did meet and Lauren won us over with cup cakes. { we love sweet treats in PoppyHQ… just saying} It was a match made in heaven really. The couple wed in the conservatory of Kilshane House, in fact HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It was a year…View Full Post.

Wedding of Lauren and Cian in Kilshane House, Co. Tipperary, Ireland
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