Jill & Steven | The Dunraven Arms | Adare | Ireland | Wedding

June 17th. 2014 | 1 Comment

So one day I get this email, from this nice lady called Jill. “Hmmm” I thought to myself as I sent back a response, should I ask if she has any brothers and if so would they be called Robbie and Niall? No, I thought, like what are the chances? I did and it turns out she did and they were. Still strikes me as mad that I knew Jills two insanely crazy/talented/loveable brothers from school but not herself, part of me wishes that I had, as Jill is one incredibly, funny, caring and beautiful soul. Even if I did think that her directions were a little bizarre we found her parents house in the country side and settled into a what turned out to be a very memorable day….View Full Post.

090 Dunraven Hotel Wedding by Poppiesandme Photography

Valerie & Mark | Kilshane House | Wedding | Ireland

June 04th. 2014 | 1 Comment

Awh Valerie and Mark! What an awesome couple. It seemed rather fitting that they got married in Kilshane House, a place we know and love so well. Valerie was perfectly content when we arrived to Kilshane, more lady of the house than nervous bride to be! We chit-chatted for a bit, though there were interruptions from Mark! Every now and then some one would arrive at the door with a wee present sent from Mark to his bride to be. Queue swooning from me and shaking of the head from Sean! Take note grooms to be, this is definitely how to start out a marriage on the right footing, start as you mean to go on!!! I have to say I was totally blown away by Valeries Dress… It turned…View Full Post.

046 Poppiesandme Photography Ireland

Valerie and Mark | Love bird Shoot | Dublin | Ireland

June 02nd. 2014 | Leave a comment

Valerie and Mark brought us to Dublin Christmas just gone, for their Lovebirdshoot {no giving out for a christmas post in June please.} It was a shoot to be full of romance and memories of their time living in Dublin before the big move to the other side of the country. We imagined twinkly lights, hot chocolates, snuggles with wooly hats and scarves, strolling through Trinity college. What we did not bank on was the baileys coffees and the lovely lazy chats in a teeny tiny bar and for the fight that occurred in Merrion Park. Relax there wasn’t an actual fight, well not really! While the couple were nestled up in the warmth of autumnal leaves, Sean may have mentioned about throwing leaves in the air, you know for…View Full Post.

Lovebirdshoot of Valerie and Mark around Dublin City. Christmas 2013

Ciara & Nev | Brook Lodge | Wicklow | Ireland | Wedding

May 26th. 2014 | Leave a comment

Being part of Poppiesandme is something magical. We have had so many adventures and have met so many beautiful souls, that already we have an lifetime of joyous memories to share. Looking back over Ciara and Nevs wedding in Brooklodge today has me filled with happiness and is a wee reminder of how exceptionally lucky we are to do what we do. ”We’d love to have you as our wedding photographers”,  said a beaming Ciara and Nev, over Skype call. That in itself is such a privilege, but knowing that you are capturing a wedding for a couple that just get you, get the what and they why of what you do, well that is just heaven. After chatting to Ciara, we were buzzing, it was like AAAGH we want the wedding…View Full Post.

066wedding photography Ireland

Claire & Rory | Clos la Plana | Sitges | Destination Wedding

May 06th. 2014 | 1 Comment

When Claire and Rory told us that their wedding would be held in a church which sat on the edge of a small coastal town over looking the sea and that the reception was to be held in a in a unique house up in the hills… we were very very excited. When Claire and Rory said we were off to Spain we were besides our selves. Claire and Rory laughed at our giddiness and were like “Of course your coming with us, we want the epic pictures!!!” Off we went sun lotion and cameras at the ready! Claire, Rory and all the families traveled to the visually stunning town of Sitges, 20 minutes outside of Barcelona. To say Claire was a relaxed bride would be the understatement of the…View Full Post.

Wedding Sitges Spain  Poppiesandme

Emma & Karl | LoveBirdShoot | Dún Laoghaire | Ireland

March 12th. 2014 | Leave a comment

AGGGH Emma and Karl. What a smashing couple. The sun has been shining all week in Limerick and I couldn’t help but think of these two over the past few days and the wonderful afternoon we spent in Dún Laoghaire. Like all great couples Emma and Karl met in the hallowed ground that is d’icon. She fell for his sense of humour, he for her beauty and style. There may have been sufficient amounts stalking  done by both parties before cupid intervened, but either way I am so very glad that this pair met. After an afternoon with them you quickly see that they are made for each other! Emma suggested that we meet in the Poppies Cafe in Dún Laoghire! I know right! I was beaming from ear to…View Full Post.

Poppiesandme Lovebirdshoot  (24)
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