Thanks 2014 its been wonderful!

December 20th. 2014 | 1 Comment

Can you believe it?! Another amazing year over.

Before we shut down the computers for the Christmas holibobs and get out festive fat pants on, we thought we would share some fantastic memories from 2014.

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Larrasoaña to Zariquiegui | 28 kms | Camino de Santiago

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Two hours ago when I was getting settled into the bunk for the night my main concern was the rubber lined pillow. I feel like your one out of Orange is the new black, what is her name? I should have brought a pillowcase, just like everyone said to do. I hope all places are not like this. I place tomorrows t-shirt over the pillow wondering if I will wake up with my face stuck to the horrid blue rubber material.

Day 3 Larrasoana to Zariquiegui 023

Ciara & Liam | Wedding | Garryvoe | Cork

December 15th. 2014 | 2 Comments

When you meet a couple and find you are one in the same crazy alikeness you know its going to be an amazing collaboration. However, when Ciara mentioned that their wee doggie was called “Poppy” it was like the stars had aligned! When we arrived to Ciaras parents house in Cork on a sunny July morning, we were welcomed in like family. The morning flew by in a flurry of laughter and chats. The beautiful Ciara had gifts for one and all, selfless as always, this day wasn’t just about Liam and herself, it was about friends and family. I still think back to Ciaras Dad, the adorable Mr D Revins, who was waiting nervously downstairs.  He kept popping his head up the stairwell to be greeted by me standing…View Full Post.

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Roncesvalles to Larrasoana | 27.4 km | Camino de Santiago

December 11th. 2014 | 3 Comments

A very friendly volunteer turns on ALL the lights of the dorm at 6am. He goes to all the cabins, waking pilgrims and reminding us that we have to be out by 8am. There is no going back to sleep. I may cry. Like, I know I suffer from insomnia. I am happy with my five hours sleep a night, when those five hours are broken, well its just not pretty. Sean pops his sleepy happy head over to say hello. How is it he always looks happy when he wakes up? I am fairly sure I look like a cornered wild animal” ~ first entry into my journal

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St Jean Pied De Port to Roncesvalles | | Camino de Santiago.

December 03rd. 2014 | 2 Comments

Then, somewhere from this most peaceful of slumbers, you are disturbed, dragged back into reality by some un-human sound. For a moment your in that no where world, where reality and subconious dance, except the tune is of something that sounds like a dying baby elephant. Only its not just one baby elephant. As you open your eyes somewhat in a panic at your surroundings, you find you know that noise only too well and this time just for once, its not being emitted from your husband!

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Kaleen & Mikes Destination Wedding | Ballintaggart House | Dingle | Ireland

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Arriving back to the house everyone was in the party mood thanks to the sounds from The Blow-ins, everyone danced inside and even we had to put the cameras down and have a boogie as they blasted out some of Mikes favourite Beatles classics! It was one of those utterly perfect days where the sun didn’t always shine, yet was busting with love and colour.

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