Sara & Tony | Rock the Frock | Lanzarote

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I loved them. I loved this lady for asking us to do something different. I loved that we were having this top secret conversation on a magical volcanic island. I loved that no one knew! So the day after the wedding we pulled up to their hotel in our tiny rental car and kidnapped Sara and Tony for one lazy afternoon. It was beautiful. They were beautiful. So much so that it wasn’t a trash the dress, it was a rock that frock!

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Sara & Tony | Puerto Calero | Lanzarote | Wedding

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Oh bring us back to what was the best week of last year!!! Sara and Tony flew us out to the stunning volcanic island of Lanzarote to capture their wonderful intimate wedding. It was nothing short of a week of love and giggles! We met up with the couple an evening or two before the wedding. We sat on giant cushions surrounded by Moroccan lanterns watching the sun dance over the sea. We sipped on cocktails and chatted about the days that were to follow.

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Love Notes.

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 Kate and Sean are the kind of people you meet and think, “How did I live the past few decades without them in my life!?” We really didn’t know them at all. In fact, the first moment we met was the night before the wedding. We were coming from California and I was nervous about all the hundreds of things that could go wrong. But when I met Kate and Sean I remember thinking, “Phew… I bet the photos will be amazing if nothing else goes right!” And I was right. The morning of the wedding, the weather was awful. Wind and rain like you couldn’t imagine. So naturally I was bummed that there would be no great outdoor photos. However, the morning getting ready and hanging out was still…View Full Post.

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Day 12 | León to Villar de Mazarife | 21.8km

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There were quite a few gin and tonics had last night. There were also black out curtains in our massive room at the Paradore. The bed was so comfortable, I really felt I had become one with it. All this contributed to a very late start. We woke up around 7.30am and went back for a snooze and then debated missing breakfast. Please! Who were we fooling. Breakfast at the Paradore hotel is like dining in Buckingham Palace. {Well I haven’t been invited for breakfast yet, its just how I imagine it would be} There was a whole island laden down with pastries, breads, sweet cakes and jam. There was another isle with bright fresh mouth wateringly good fruit. Hell there was even champagne if you were that way inclined.

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Day 11 | Burgos to León | Camino De Santiago

March 12th. 2015 | 2 Comments

So this morning we leave for the train station. On waking late again this morning “we” decide it best to take the train to León. I still do not want to walk into Santiago with out Sean. So I think I am good with this decision. It’s me, so of course there is a pinky promise made. We have to come back in April and walk the 120km that we are now missing. AND, we have to stay in the Paradore hotel in León. The request to stay in the hotel has less, in fact nothing to do with the film “The Way” than it does, to being part of something greater.

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Back Whest With A Motley Crew

March 06th. 2015 | 3 Comments

Before the wedding season kicked off we decided to have some fun of our own. It was Michael and Andreas fault really, they wanted to fly over and pay us visit. Then we invited Dave and Dee, and before we knew it we had kidnapped insanely talented and inspirational Mr Olsthoorn.

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