Emma & Karl | LoveBirdShoot | Dún Laoghaire | Ireland

March 12th. 2014 | Leave a comment

AGGGH Emma and Karl. What a smashing couple. The sun has been shining all week in Limerick and I couldn’t help but think of these two over the past few days and the wonderful afternoon we spent in Dún Laoghaire. Like all great couples Emma and Karl met in the hallowed ground that is d’icon. She fell for his sense of humour, he for her beauty and style. There may have been sufficient amounts stalking  done by both parties before cupid intervened, but either way I am so very glad that this pair met. After an afternoon with them you quickly see that they are made for each other! Emma suggested that we meet in the Poppies Cafe in Dún Laoghire! I know right! I was beaming from ear to…View Full Post.

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Poppiesandme go to Norway. Part two Ålesund

March 10th. 2014 | 2 Comments

After a massive meal for dinner and some wine we headed back to our new bigger room and prepared for our first night at sea. I slept like a baby! If any of you know me at all, you know that myself and sleeping are not the best of friends. However, that first night and the six that followed, the ship was my cradle and the Nordic sea was mother nature, gently rocking me to sleep. The next morning I woke with rather more excitement than Sean. I jumped out of bed and into the bathroom which was lets say “compact!” The sea now,  was a bit more on the boisterous side. Having never showered in such conditions I can now, proudly say that I have learnt to wash my hair…View Full Post.

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Mary & Robert | Kilshane House | Tipperary | Ireland | Wedding

March 06th. 2014 | 1 Comment

I still get a big goofy smile, when I think of Mary and Rob. You may remember them as our beautiful Dorset couple. That weekend adventure was one of the loveliest we had been on. I remind Sean ALL the time that I will retire to a hamlet in the rolling hills of Dorset. Its not a dream its reality! When I think of Sherborne, I still think Bridget Jones, pints of Ale, Pies and the four of us cozied up in a pub hidden in the hills, having awesome chats and crying with laughter! Alas, we were not to see our friends get married in the stunning Sherborne Abbey. Instead they took us to the Stunning Holy Cross Abbey in Tipperary and then to Kilshane House for one mighty…View Full Post.

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Poppiesandme go to Norway. Part one Bergen

February 27th. 2014 | 3 Comments

Between the phones and the camera we have a million billion images of our trip to Norway and already none of them seem to do any justice to the stunning country that we visited in January, so apologies. Like all good things in life this holiday took us very much by surprise. We knew we had the month of January off. Foolishly I was thinking that we would get some jobs around the house done. Finally put on door handles and maybe go mad and hang the silk prints in the bedroom. That all got turned on its head when we went to our good friends Laura and Fergal for dinner. Over amazing freshly cooked food and yummy wine, I listened to the pair as they recalled their awesome adventures…View Full Post.

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Niamh & Andy | La Cala Resort | Mijas | Spain | Destination Wedding

February 25th. 2014 | 6 Comments

It some times happens that we meet new poppiesandme couples through referrals from their friends. And that is just lovely. We kinda met Niamh and Andy this way. I said kinda because we were still working our friends wedding when we met them. Our eyes met across the dinner table …… {Only joking…okay I’m not!}. Niamh was wearing a stunning blue number and Andy said ” its a pity we are getting married in Spain. Caroline and Eoin are raving about ye.”  I replied while munching on a bread roll {attractive I know!} that we were very adaptable photographers, we were proud owners of battered suitcases and were extremely good airline passengers! We all laughed and honestly I didn’t think any more of it and partied the night away. Then…View Full Post.

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Stacy & James | Aherlow House | Tipperary | Ireland | Wedding

February 13th. 2014 | Leave a comment

The morning of James and Stacys wedding wasn’t too unlike the past few WEEKS, of wind, rain and general freezingness! So we went with jumpers and wooly cardis to county limerick where the preparations were already well underway in Stacys parent house. Stacys dad was adding the final touches to the wedding cake and cup cakes that Stacys mom had made. Stacys bro and her bridesmaids were running around making sure that everything was packed and ready for the move over to the Glen of Aherlow where Stacy would don her beautiful dress and walk down the stairs to marry her best friend James. In all the excitement there was one quiet little character who couldn’t quite figure out if he liked us or not. All too soon it was…View Full Post.

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